Hill walk routes to climb in SW Scotland - also coastal paths and National Scenic Areas with maps, pictures and other useful information based on extensive local knowledge
Galloway Hills Page List
Main Galloway Map

Summary of routes on Merrick and the Dungeons with Maps

Summary of routes on the Rhinns of Kells with Maps

Aircraft crash sites in Galloway

Cairngarroch, Millfore and Darnaw

Cairnsmore of Dee From Clatteringshaws

Cairnsmore of Fleet Routes
Cairnsmore of_Fleet Tourist Route
Cairnsmore of Fleet Clints Route
Cairnsmore of Fleet Murray's Monument

Clatteringshaws Reservoir

Craignaw and the Dungeon Hills
Glen Trool to the Dungeons and Mulwharchar

Lamachan and the Minnigaff hills

Merrick by Buchan Ridge
Merrick by the Lochs
Merrick by tourist route and Bennan
Awful Hand Walk

Rhinns of Kells Introduction
Rhinns from Clenrie
Rhinns from Craigencallie

Rhinns from Fore Bush
Rhinns from Fore Bush 2
Rhinns - North End

Rig of the Jarkness and Craiglee
Silver Flowe and Dungeon Hill

Wolf Slock via Lochs and Buchan Ridge

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