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Map of Galloway
The picture on the right shows the route from Bruce's Stone up onto Buchan Hill. You walk down the road past the monument until you cross the bridge at the Buchan Burn. There you take the gate immediately on your left and head up the hill in front of you, keeping to the left for an easy route. View of the route from Bruce's Stone up onto Buchan Hill
There is quite a fine waterfall just above the bridge which is worth going over to see and a lightning blasted tree just inside the gate. For an animated route superimosed on a panoramic shot of the area click here. For a map of the route click here.
Blasted tree near where we leave Nation Cycle Route 7 for Buchan Hill Waterfall on the Buchan Burn near the National Cycle Route 7
Looking south towards the blasted tree mentioned above and the gate which can be seen near the right edge of the above picture. The hills facing you are White Bennan, and Muldonnoch. The hills lying to the south of Loch Trool are know as the Minnigaff hills. The waterfall is shown in the picture on the right.
View from near the top of Buchan Hill showing the route taken from Loch Trool
View from Eschoncan showing our route up onto Merrick from the Buchan ridge and the route back over Benyellary
The picture above is taken from near the top of Buchan Hill and shows the route taken up to here from the car park. The other two routes shown are the route back down the Buchan Burn and the route over Eschoncan. Mouseover to see the routes. The picture above was taken on quite a different day from Eschoncan. It shows the route we will take up Redstone Rig onto Merrick then along to Benyellary and down the Buchan Burn Valley. Mouseover to see the routes


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