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Culter Fell Round
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Culter Fell Round 35 Woodpecker outside Glenholm Wildlife Project base. Woodpecker outside Glenholm Wildlife Project base. Woodpecker outside Glenholm Wildlife Project base.
35 And here is the woodpecker that comes around four o' clock each day to the feeder. On our way home from here to Dumfries we travel along the A701 to Moffat and on our way we pass the source of the River Tweed which is commemorated by a roadside sculpture. If you would like to see this monument click here. At Annanhead at the top of the Devil's Beef Tub as you head towards Moffat there is a monument to two postmen lost in a snow storm on 1st February 1831, and at Ballantrae and the Mull of Galloway there are monuments to yet more postmen killed in the line of duty, also, just below Millfire in the Rhinns of Kells there is a memorial to a 17 year old shepherd called Ralph Forlow who died in a blizzard tending his sheep on 27th January 1954.
Studying the maps for this web gallery solved a problem that has puzzled me for some years. As you travel between Broughton and Moffat on the A701 you can see the remains of an old railway line running towards Moffat then disappearing somewhere around Tweedsmuir. I had automatically thought of this as a passenger line and wondered why anyone would build a railway to such a tiny remote village. I knew they could never have got the line down over the Devil's Beef Tub to Moffat. I even tried to find references to this line on Google.
However I cracked the problem when I noticed on the map that the line actually goes to the dam for the Talla reservoir (see page 20). They used it in the construction of the dam and it was used for only 13 years it seems (1897 - 1910).
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