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Mull of Galloway
Kennedy's Cairn Mull of Galloway - monument to a postman who lost his life in a blizzard.
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Kennedy's Cairn near the Mull of Galloway Kennedy's Cairn near the Mull of Galloway Kennedy's Cairn near the Mull of Galloway

23 Here is the view looking north - of Sandy climbing up onto Kennedy's Cairn. There are steps set into the cairn for you to do this. You might well ask who Kennedy was. Information on this seems to be a bit thin but Kennedy's Cairn it seems commemorates a postman who died in this area while delivering the mail in a snowstorm.
We all took turns of climbing on top. In the picture below it was Dunkie's turn. Here we are looking east back to the lighthouse.
In the south west of Scotland there are at least two other monuments to postmen killed in this manner - at Ballantrae and near the Devil's Beef Tub, and just below Millfire in the Rhinns of Kells there is a memorial to a 17 year old shepherd called Ralph Forlow who died in a blizzard tending his sheep on 27th January 1954.

Kennedy's Cairn near the Mull of Galloway
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