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Swatte Fell from Moffat Well 1

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This walk from Moffat Well (green route in the map below) starts just outside the town of Moffat. Take the A708 from the centre of Moffat heading for Selkirk. Before you leave the town you will see on your right a sign for Wamphray via the Old Carlisle Road. You don't take that, but you do take the road directly opposite it - turning left in other words (Ballplay Road). Carry along that till the road swings round to a T junction and turn right there. Follow this on up to a car park on your right at a gate with signs warning you about unexploded ordinance. Walk up the farm road from there and head up onto the hill in front of you
Map of routes onto Hartfell from the west
Walking up the farm road from Moffat Well View from Greygill Head back down the route we have come up from Moffat Well
The picture on the left above shows the view as you walk up the farm road away from the car park. Head straight up the hill (Greygill Head) behind the house. The second picture shows the view back from the top of that hill back to where the car is parked and the town of Moffat beyond. The picture below shows the view as we head upwards from Greygill Head. You can see that the ground is gently rising with an easy surface to walk on + a wall to guide you.
View of the route ahead from Greygill Head
In the picture on the left Sandy is sitting on the cairn at Greygill Head and we are looking NNE towards the Devil's Beef Tub and the source of the river Annan - below we are continuing up the ridge
View from Greygill Head towards the Devil's Beef Tub
Moving up the ridge towards Swatte Fell
Arriving on the top of Swatte Fell

The picture above is taken as you arrive on the top of Swatte Fell and begin to see Saddle Yoke, Carrifran Gans and White Coomb. White Coomb is the hill just to the left of the figure, a thin slice of Carrifran Gans is visible behind Saddle Yoke which is the double top hill on the right
The picture on the right shows these same three hills as viewed from the front edge of the ridge which runs from Swatte Fell to Hartfell above the Blackhope Glen

View towards Saddle Yoke from Swatte Fell
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