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This map shows several Moffat Hills routes discussed on this site, so that you can see the relationship between them. The route we are going to look at on this page is the yellow one - Hartfell from Annanhead. Take the road for Edinburgh (A701) from Moffat as far as the Devil's Beef Tub. Park at the gate where the forest starts at the top of the hill, and follow the obvious path up to the right of the fence. Stay with the cliff edge as ever for the views . You start this walk at a height of around 380 M so your car has saved you over 1000ft of climbing.
Map showing walking routes in the Moffat hills
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View of the route as seen from the A701 Devil's Beef Tub road
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The picture on the right is a view looking due west from near the top of Harfell looking back towards the Devil's Beef Tub. The red star shows where to park at Annanhead and the broken green line shows the line of the road running up from Moffat. The Beef Tub is the hollow catching the sun below the red star. Mouseover to zoom in on the Beef Tub. The hills beyond the Beef Tub are the Lowther Hills
View towards the Devil's Beef Tub from Hartfell
The picture on the left below shows the view from Whitehope Heights back along the route we have come from Annanhead. You could follow the fence along but it is more interesting to follow the front edge of the hills and get the views. The picture on the right shows our route up Hartfell and the descent you have to make from Whitehope Heights before you can get up there. Below these is a view SSW from Whitehope on a less snowy day.
View from Whitehope Heights back to Annanhead View of the route from Whitehope Heights up onto Hartfell
View down Annandale from Whitehope Heights