South West Scotland Hill Walking Routes - with Maps , Photo Galleries and Local Information for every route,
also Coastal Walks in the three local National Scenic Areas.

South West Scotland is a haven for the hill walker who wishes to be alone, or with a friend or two in spectacular scenery well away from the over-used routes you find elsewhere. There are also coastal paths to walk in 3 National Scenic Areas and amid places of considerable historic interest.

This website is mainly aimed at the active potential visitor who is looking for practical and informed local knowledge. But, for those who can't get to Scotland's outdoors, the virtual walks in the web galleries offer the chance to see what it is like to walk in this less frequented area of Scotland.

The walks are described using plenty of pictures that take you sequentially along the routes from start to finish - with maps; where to park; historical and navigational information; and an attempt to convey the difficulties and joys of walking wild country - in a country that has enshrined in law the right to roam at will.
South West Scotland has 4 large areas of hill country as shown in the accompanying map.

The most spectacular of these for size and remoteness is the Galloway Hills. Here you can find many routes which will give you a good hard full day's walking with plenty of spectacular views of hill and loch.

Map of Southern Scotland showing the main hill ranges - Galloway  Hills, Scaur Hills, Lowther Hills and West Borders Hills Lowther Hills Galloway Hills Scaur Hills West Border Hills
The Borders Hills area, like the Galloway Hills, is extensive and has several distinct ranges within the area, probably the most popular of these being the Moffat hills where there are some walks which would be hard to beat anywhere for visual interest on a 5/6 hour walk.
The Scaur Hills are probably the least frequented and least known about. They are mainly small in scale though quite shapely and make for relatively easy days on the hill.
The Lowthers offer more of a challenge than this but with a good mixture of easy and full day routes.
There is a Chart of hills over 600 metres with links directly to web galleries in which they appear
National Scenic Areas
There are 3 National Scenic Areas in the South West of Scotland. You will find them listed together in Other Walks Since these walks are away from the main hill ranges they are ideal if you are looking for something less strenuous. Some involve almost no hill climbing at all.
This area of Scotland is very much steeped in the history of the nation.
For example the national bard Robert Burns is buried in Dumfries, the Galloway hills have been called the "Cradle of Independence" because of the Robert the Bruce connection, St Ninian brought Christianity to Scotland at Whithorn around 397 A.D., the Ruthwell Cross is one of Europe's outstanding sculptures of the early 8th century. The south west of Scotland was the heartland of the Covenanting movement of the 17th century. Even in the 20th century Garlieston was a centre for the development of the Mulberry Harbour. We include such references as we go along.
Freedom of Access
Freedom of access, the right to roam where you choose, was written into the Scottish Constitution by the new Parliament in Edinburgh in 2002, prior to that it had been an unwritten right by custom. In the Southern Uplands of Scotland there are plenty of wild places in which to exercise this right.
Core Paths in Dumfries and Galloway and the Borders
Under the Scottish access legislation, each access authority (local authority and national park authority) has a duty to draw up a plan of core paths in their area, after consulting with local communities, land managers and path users. These core paths are signposted and are likely to be the most popular paths in local areas. They are often a good way of discovering routes you might not find otherwise.
Dumfries and Galloway's Core Path Page and Scottish Borders Core Path Page

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