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Cairnsmore of Carsphairn and the Scaur Hills

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The Scaur hills lie between the valleys of Nithsdale and the Glenkens. You can see from the map below that there is not a road running through this group of hills. From the east, it is possible to get up to Polskeoch by car along a single track road going nowhere except into the forest. Or, coming in from the west, you can head up the Water of Ken on a marginally wider road till it runs out at Lorg farmhouse. You will find both roads equally sparsely populated and you will be delighted to realise you are entering a secret hidden little world where few people go. I guarantee you will be surprised at the beauty and calm peace of the area, and the lively shapes and arrangement of the hills - especially around Glenwhargen.
Map of Scaur Hills
The bigger hills lie to the Carsphairn/Glenkens side with Cairnsmore of Carsphairn falling just short of 800mts at 797mts. Beninner is 710mts, Windy Standard 698mts and Moorbrock 650mts. Blackcraig at the northern end of these hills (north of the Afton Reservoir) is 700mts and nearby Blacklorg is 681mts. Around Moorbrock, Windy Standard and Cairnsmore you can build quite a challenging circular day's walk - as also through to Blackcraig from Water of Ken.
is the highest on the Scaur Water side at a modest 552m. These eastern Scaur hills give you shorter, less demanding, yet interesting sharp little ascents.
The picture above shows the Glenwhargen area at road level. Glenwhargen Craig 482mts is on the right (vertically above the bend on the road), and the shapely ridge running back through to the snow covered top (Peat Hill), is Peat Craig. You can see Scaur Water near the left edge of the picture.
Glenwhargen area
The picture above shows much the same view but from the top of the hill (Hallscaur Craig). Glenwhargen Craig is on the right with the Scaur valley (and the single track road) running between it and Peat Craig - through to Polsheoch. Dalzean Snout is the next ridge to the left, and the fourth ridge (on the extreme left) comes along from Chanlock Rig and Craigdasher to Craigbuie Hill which has mist on the top in this picture. You can see that for all their modest height they make a visually pleasing group which we could, for the fun of it, call the "Scaur Alps" They offer plenty of opportunities for easy yet interesting ridge walks.

The picture on the right shows the view of the "Glenwhargen Alps" from Chanlock Rig. Hallscaur Craig (where the previous picture was taken from) is in the right foreground.

The meanders of Scaur Water can be seen in the left foreground. This really is a very special part of the world even if it is on a miniature scale by comparison with the other ranges discussed in this site.

Glenwhargen Alps

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