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Saddle Yoke, Hartfell and Swatte Fell Round 2

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If you were to follow the fence from Hartfell to Swatte Fell you would miss all the spectacular views you get by following the edge of the cliffs on Swatte Fell. The views below give you some idea what you would be missing. Below left shows the view from Falcon Craig near the Hartfell end of the ridge and below right Saddle Yoke from the top of Hound Shoulder half way along.
View from Falcon Craig towards Hound Shoulder and Black Craig View down over Hound Shoulder
Top image gives the view looking up into Blakchope Glen and lower image looks down the glen

With views like this you can see why this route is so much loved by the local hill walkers. Mouseover the above image to get a view down the valley with route indication and hill names.

Top picture shows the flat top of Swatte Fell and the lower picture shows Saddle Yoke as we descend from Black Craig

The view above shows the broad top of Swatte Fell with a thunder storm to the south of us. Mouseover for a last view of Saddle Yoke before we descend.

View heading down into Moffat Dale from Black Craig
These two pictures show the steepness of the last bit of the descent

These pictures show the final descent back down to Capplegill. Mouseover the right picture for an other view on a different day. It takes around six hours to enjoy this walk at a pleasant pace.

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