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Hartfell from the Devil's Beef Tub 2

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The pictures shown on this page were taken on quite a different day from those on the previous page - summer instead of winter. We pick the story up from the point where we were about to ascend Hartfell. The picture on the left is taken while descending from Whitehope Heights. The gully near the left edge of the picture is the deep scar which was so obvious in the snow covered picture on the previous page though it does not look so impressive from face on. Following this gully up onto Hartfell offers very pleasant spots to stop for a break with the prospect of some shelter, though it does run off the hill in a North Westerly direction.
Descending from Whitehope Heights heading for Hartfell Waterfall in the gully going up Hartfell

You could shelter at the sheep pen in the dip before you climb up by the gully or you could wait to you are at the top of Hartfell and get shelter by the trig point though it will be colder and more exposed up there.

Sheep pen at the bottom of the gully At the trig point on the top of Hartfell
Hills you can see looking south-east from the top of Hartfell
Above is the view from the top of Hartfell looking SE on the snowy day of the previous page
View of the meeting place of the Lochan Burn and Bill's Cleuch on the descent from Arthur's Seat The picture on the left shows the meeting place of the Lochan Burn and Bill's Cleuch on the descent from Arthur's Seat. The combined waters of these two burns run into a really nice little secret wooded glen before it emerges out into Annandale. The pictures below show this little glen with it's waterfall hidden in the trees - another good place for a wee break.
The two pictures below them show the view that opens up to you as you emerge from this glen and look back up Annandale towards the Devil's Beef Tub.
View in the hidden glen below Arthur's Seat Waterfall in the hidden glen
View of the route ahead to cross the River Annan near Ericstane View towards Corehead from the valley of the River Annan
The route we take across the valley of the Annan crosses agricultural land (as you can see) and then we have to climb up the hill with the light patch on it in the picture above left. There is a road running in to the big house near the head of the valley (Ericstane) and you can get across the river where this road bridges the Annan. Look out for the remains of an ancient fort in the middle of the valley. The picture below left shows the Beef Tub as we ascend out of the valley and below right shows where we joined the A701 again with the line of trees where we started our day in the background.
View into the Devil's Beef Tub as we ascend towards the A701
Coming up onto the A701

The picture on the right shows the monument to John Hunter, the Covenanter, who was shot here in 1685. You can see us approaching this monument as we head back to Annanhead in the picture above right. I have put a red asterisk above the monument.
The monument is at a place called Ericstane (OS reference NT063128). There is a layby on the A701 just beside it. This is a very popular place for people to stop, offering as it does a fine view down into the Devil's Beef Tub.
We are looking north west in this picture with Great Hill over on the other side of the valley. There is a "Martyr's Stane" on those southern slopes of Great Hill and is presumably where John Hunter was shot.

Below I have quoted from a letter published on the website of the newspaper called the Southern Reporter giving some information about John Hunter.

Monument to the Covenanter called John Hunter

There is no covenanter’s grave in the Devil’s Beef Tub. John Hunter of Tweedsmuir was a Covenanter who was shot by the dragoons of Colonel James Douglas in 1685 while trying to escape from them by climbing the side of the Devil’s Beef Tub. He is buried in Tweedsmuir kirkyard, the only martyr’s grave in the kirkyards of the Borders. His headstone was erected in 1727, an inscription later being carved by Robert Paterson who was born at Haggis ha’ in Hawick. Robert Paterson was the original of Scott’s character, Old Mortality. - JOHN E. ROGERSON

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