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A Coastal walk from Kippford to Rough Island, Castle Point and Rockcliffe.
Introduction to East Stewartry National Scenic Area - Map of walking routes in the area
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View of the jetty at Kippford. View of the jetty at Kippford. View of the jetty at Kippford.
03 In the picture above you can see the jetty with the boats high and dry. The river running into Rough Firth here is Urr Water and it can be navigated as far as Palnackie (see fourth picture on page 20).
The second picture shows how Kippford huddles along the shore, houses on one side of the road and sea on the other.
In the third picture we have come out of the marina area and are looking southward along the main street with the Mariner Hotel in the foreground.
View of Kippford from the jetty.
Looking south along the main street from the Mariner Hotel Kippford.
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