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A Coastal walk from Kippford to Rough Island, Castle Point and Rockcliffe.
Introduction to East Stewartry National Scenic Area - Map of walking routes in the area
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Parking area at Kippford. Parking area at Kippford. Parking area at Kippford.
02 In the picture above you can see where the road from the A710 comes down into Kippford and swings round to the left to enter the main street of the village. Ahead of you on the bend is the marina area and on your left is the main car park with toilets and the millenium cross (see picture below).
The third picture shows a view of Kippford from the jetty in the marina area. The time is 10.15am on 21st of April 2010 and low tide is around 11am so the boats are high and dry and we have some hours to spare to go onto Rough Island and back.
Millenium cross, Kippford.
Boats at the jetty Kippford.
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