Coastal Walk from Kirkandrews to Carrick Shore
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View of the bay at Kirkandrews View of the bay at Kirkandrews View of the bay at Kirkandrews
04 In the picture above we are down in the little bay beside the houses. You can just see the car parked by the side of the field near the house - under the red asterisk.
From the same bay looking NW in the picture below you can see the first stage of our route past the Victorian folly tower which dominates the views around here - known locally as "the coo palace". There are several such Romantic late Victorian features around here as you will see.
To get to the other side of the bay here we had to go back into the village and down through someone's garden by their gas tank to get to a small bridge across the burn which feeds into the bay. Nobody seemed to mind.
View across the bay at Kirkandrews  towards the coo palace folly
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