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Comb Law, Rodger Law, Ballencleuch Law and Scaw'd Law hill walking route
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Bundle of sticks for a cairn on top of Ballencleuch Law Bundle of sticks for a cairn on top of Ballencleuch Law Bundle of sticks for a cairn on top of Ballencleuch Law
17 Rodger Law had the trig point on top but otherwise these hills have nothing in the way of cairns on top - which is a bit unusual really. This bundle of sticks stuck into the ground on the top of Ballencleuch Law is the nearest thing to a cairn on the whole string of hills.
In the second picture we are looking over towards the Moffat Hills to the left of the picture and the Ettrick Hills (which we have already seen with named hills in the third picture on page 13) to the right of it . Now you can see fairly clearly where Moffatdale runs from right to left into the picture between the two ranges of hills. The dark rising ground on the near side of Moffatdale that you can see in this picture takes you up onto Swatte Fell.
In the third picture I have zoomed in to a detail from near the left side of the second picture. This I recognise as the shoulder called Arthur's Seat (on the left of the third picture) which runs off Hartfell and is quite a memorable way to come down off Hartfell. The top of Hartfell itself is still lost in the low cloud.
View towards the Moffat and Etrrick hills with Moffatdale between them
Detail showing the shoulder of Hartfell which is called Arthur's Seat
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