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Interior of Burleywhag bothy Interior of Burleywhag bothy Interior of Burleywhag bothy
23 On this page there are 3 pictures of the interior of Burleywag Bothy. The one above shows the new door that opens from the living room into the bunk room. Previously the bunk area in this bothy was in the attic. The third picture shows the spartan interior of the bunk room and the second picture shows the fire area in the living room.
It would be quite cosy in that bunk area with a good fire going in the living area. The bothy was very tidy and it is part of the ethos of bothies that everyone should look after the place well. However, sometimes folk from towns go to the bothies for drinking sessions and end up trashing the place, so it was good to see Burleywag so well cared for. There are several bothies in the SW of Scotland. Click here for a map. Backhill of Bush and Shiel of Castlemaddy would have appeared on that map until very recently (May 2010 now) but they are no longer maintained by the MBA as open bothies because of the vandalism.
Over Phawhope Bothy on the Southern Upland Way is one that I really like.
Interior of Burleywhag bothy showing the stove area
Interior of Burleywhag bothy showing the sleeping area
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