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Queensberry, Penbreck and Earncraig from Mitchellslacks
A circular hill walk from Mitchellslacks over Wee Queensberry, Queensberry, Penbreck and Earncraig and then back by Burleywag Bothy
Map of area - Morton Castle - Lowthers Home - Durisdeer Hills and Dalveen Pass
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General view back to the Queensberry hills from the road back to Ae village Back at Mitchellslacks View down Capel Burn as we approach Mitchellslacks View of the vehicle track as it passes The Law Way-marker pointing out a recommended route up onto Queensberry Woolly tenants of the abandoned house View from the second abandoned house looking back the way we have come View of the abandoned house where the vehicle track starts Looking back at the bothy from the track back to Mitchellslacks Interior views of Burleywhag bothy Views from Earncraig towards Burleywhag bothy Views towards Gana Hill from Earncraig and from Gana Hill towards Earncraig Views from Earncraig towards the Coulter hills and the Galloway hills View northward from Earncraig towards Daer reservoir and Tinto Hill View from the dyke on the summit of Earncraig looking back to Queensberry View back to Penbreck and Queensberry from Earncraig Views from the valley between Penbreck and Earncraig Views of and from Penbreck showing Burleywag Bothy Views of Earncraig from Penbreck with Gana Hill beyond View back to Queensberry from Penbreck View of Earncraig and Gana Hill while heading to Penbreck from Queensberry Views of the cairn on top of Queensberry View from near the top of Queensberry looking back towards Wee Queensberry Views from around the tops of Wee Queensberry View approaching Wee Queensberry View of sheep pens on the way to Wee Queensberry View of Queensberry and Wee Queensberry from the vehicle track from Mitchellslacks Where to cross Capel Water if you want to go onto Gana Hill before Queensberry Views around Mitchellslacks at the start of the route Views coming through the farm yard at Mitchellslacks Where to park near Mitchellslacks Map of a walking route over Queensberry, Penbreck and Earncraig from Mitchellslacks