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Around Ettrick Head - Capel Fell, Wind Fell and Ettrick Pen in Winter
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The bothy at Over Phawhope - outside view. The bothy at Over Phawhope - outside view The bothy at Over Phawhope - outside view

32 Above we see the bothy from the outside. You can see SUW information on the wall outside. This bothy lies on the SUW and is well kept as bothies go some bothies in Galloway are at present (March 2010) under threat because of misuse. You enter the bothy around the far side of the building by passing through the gate on the left edge of the picture. There are a couple of picnic benches outside for the fine weather which will come soon.
The second picture shows the friendly interior with books to read and even Lego to play with - it is clearly a much loved bothy.
The third picture shows a view across Ettrick Water to the bothy and through to Ettrick Pen beyond.
In the fourth picture we are looking back to the bothy as we head for Potburn and the track that will take us from there over to Moffatdale.

The bothy at Over Phawhope - interior view
View over Ettrick Water to Over Phawhope bothy with Ettrick Pen in the distance.
View of Over Phawhope bothy while heading for Potburn.
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