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Saddle Yoke, Hartfell, Swatte Fell - Winter
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Saddle Yoke, Hartfell, Swatte Fell (Winter) Home - Moffat Hills Introduction
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View back to Saddle Yoke from Under saddle Yoke. View back to Saddle Yoke from Under saddle Yoke. View back to Saddle Yoke from Under saddle Yoke.

08 In the picture above we are looking SE back to Saddle Yoke from the top of Under Saddle Yoke. The large hill on the right is Bodesbeck Law (665 metres) in the Ettrick Hills (on the far side of Moffatdale) and the dark top in the distance beyond it is Ettrick Pen (690 metres).
In the second picture we are looking ahead to the route we must now take over the top of Redgill Craig and beyond that to Hartfell Rig. The Hill to the right of the picture is Cape Law and beyond that you can see the Culter hills.
In the third picture we are looking straight up Cold Grain to Hartfell. Falcon Craig is in the left foreground and beyond that is Hartfell Craig. Between these two Craigs is a saddle called Hass 'O the Red Roads.
By comparing these last two pictures you can mentally join them to see much of the route that lies ahead of us over Redgill Craig, then up Hartfell Rig and Hartfell itself (808 metres), and then round past Hartfell Craig and Hass 'O the Red Roads to Raven Craig.
The first two picture were taken at 11.27 and the third one at 11.30.

View of Hartfell Rig from Under Saddle Yoke.
Hartfell from Under Saddle Yoke.
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