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Around Ettrick Head - Capel Fell, Wind Fell and Ettrick Pen in Winter
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County Boundary Fauldside Hill County Boundary Fauldside Hill County Boundary Fauldside Hill
09 On the top of Fauldside Hill we come to the fence (and old ruinous dry stane dyke) which marks the border between Dumfries and Galloway Region (on the near side of the fence) from Borders Region on the far side. We are looking north eastward here and you can see the fence continuing off in that direction. It runs all the way along the Bodesbeck Ridge to the head of Moffatdale at Birkhill where it swings west and then south west to run over the top of Firthhope rig and Hartfell before crossing the A701 road north of the Devil's Beef Tub and close to the source of the River Tweed - a strange convoluted route which puts an eccentric loop round Moffatdale so that it falls into Dumfries and Galloway while the area to the north and south of it is in the Borders Region. That is the administrative mind for you.
In the second picture we are looking ESE across the valley of Ettrick Water to Ettrick Pen which will be our final hill for the day and which will be visible to us from now onwards for most of the time till we get there - like a great killer whale with its stark black and white markings on this particular day. We will come straight down the front of the hill making for the gap that you see in the trees and we will use White Shank on this side of the valley as the line to aim for as we leave the top of Ettrick Pen - till we can see down into the valley and the gap in the trees we are looking for.
The third picture shows the county boundary fence running up to White Shank. We will follow it all the way to Ettrick Pen.
Ettrick Pen from Fauldside Hill
Looking towards White Shank from Fauldside Hill
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