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Around Ettrick Head - Capel Fell, Wind Fell and Ettrick Pen in Winter
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Parking place at Capplegill Parking place at Capplegill Parking place at Capplegill
02 Parking is the same as for the Saddle Yoke/Hartfell web gallery and is beside Blackshope cottage just east of Capplegill farm on the A708 (OS Grid Reference NT144097). Parking here is limited (by the legitimate domestic requirements of Blackshope house) to around space for 3 cars. The picture above shows where to park. But that is Saddle Yoke on the right of the picture and we are not heading that way today. Instead we will head south west a short distance along the A708 to pick up the track which leads down to Bodesbeck farm.
The first picture below shows the view along the A708 as we leave the car and are about to pass Blackshope house.
The second picture shows the track we take off the A708 in order to get down to Bodesbeck farm - the first track you come to on your left. The hill that you see on the left of the picture is Bodesbeck Law and on the return leg of our journey we will come back down that side of the glen. However we are now heading for the hill on the right (Fauldside Hill) and we will therefore head up the right (west) side of the glen. Both these routes meet beside Bodesbeck farm which is hidden by the trees on the right of the picture.
Blackshope cottage on the A708 at Capplegill
View of track from A708 to Bodesbeck farm with the Ettrick Hills beyond
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