Capel Fell, Loch Fell and Croft Head Round

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View of Croft Head from Capel Fell. View of Croft Head from Capel Fell. View of Croft Head from Capel Fell.
07 In the picture above we are looking south east and we now get the view of Croft Head that I was looking for, making the effort worthwhile. The Selcoth Burn runs down the valley that crosses the picture on this side of Croft Head and the purple route shown on the map on page 01 would take us through that valley.
In the second picture we are looking north from the top of Capel Fell into the heart of the Moffat Hills with the deep valleys of the Blackhope Glen (on the left) and Carrifran Glen (on the right). We can now see the white top of Hartfell (808 metres) near the left edge of the picture. The hanging valley on the south end of Saddle Yoke (on the middle ridge between the two glens) is classic of its kind.
View of the Moffat hills from Capel Fell.
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