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Walking route from Mid Glen to Criffel via Knockendoch

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View of where to park at Glen Head View of where to park at Glen Head View of where to park at Glen Head

03 The picture above shows the car park at Mid Glen with room for around 6 cars. You can also see the Glen Burn on the right of the picture

The second picture shows the bridge over the Glen Burn just beside the car park. The sign in the foreground directs walkers to the Waterloo monument (see page 11). The one on the far side of the bridge directs you towards Criffel on the route we are doing and tells you that Criffel is two and a half miles away. That's Knockendoch that you can see, where we will be heading first.

In the third picture we are over the bridge beside the sign and looking at the route ahead of us The track skirts past a couple of houses and you have the Glen Burn close by on your right as you go along. The houses were in ruins in the late 1980's with no roof and trees growing inside them. Now they are the pride and joy of their owners and the second one you will come to in particular has quite a spectacular garden which even spills out onto the banks of the Glen Burn. An amazing amount of work was done there in a short time. Whereas a previous owner tried to prevent walkers from using the track past the house and put up signs to keep walkers out (in vain of course) the present owners are friendly and welcoming (2012).

Crossing the bridge over the Glen Burn with Knockendoch beyond
Track going up past the houses at Mid Glen
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