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Glenleith and Wedder Law Hills from Morton Castle (Page 2)
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Descending from Nether Hill towards the bothy Inside the bothy
The picture above shows the steepness of the descent down to the bothy (the building to the right). We had our "piece" in the bothy. As with all the Scottish Mountain Bothy Association's bothies you can bunk in here for free when you are in the hills. The ladder on the left is the access to the loft bunk area. It was in reasonable nick.
As we headed up Glenleith the mist came in again on the top and we thought we were again going to miss seeing anything there. But we had really enjoyed our day so far - until we came across this bird trap shown on the right - with two buzzards and two ravens trapped in it. One of the buzzards died crashing against the wire mesh trying to get away from us as we approached. We let the rest go free. We had never come across such a trap in the hills before but we were to see another three for sure that day and possibly more in the distance. It put a real sinister shadow over an otherwise magic day.

We have come across other such bird traps on Steygail and Scaw'd Law
Bird trap on Glenleith Hill
View of Ballencleuch Law from saddle between Glenleih and Wedder Law View towards Wedder Law from Tansley Rig
From the saddle between Glenleith and Wedder Law looking north over Carsehope Middens towards Ballencleuch Law (with the wisps of mist). Looking through to Wedder Law after descending Tansley Rig (the ridge going up on the left). The middle ridge is BerryRig and the one on the right is Garroch Fell. You could come down any of these three ridges to this point from Wedder Law.
View in Cample Cleuch View in Cample Cleuch View in Cample Cleuch
The light was getting poor as we came down Cample Cleuch - so again the quality of the pictures above is not too clever but they do give you a feel of what it is like to be in the Cleuch.
Morton castle evening light The pictures of this walk from Morton Castle were taken on 20th November 2000 - some four weeks before the winter solstice. So by 4.30 pm when we were coming back past the castle to the car it was hardly light enough to see where we were going - such is the nature of a Scottish winter's evening.
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