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Silver Flowe and Dungeon Hill
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View of the Silver Flowe from Dungeon Hill View of the Silver Flowe from Dungeon Hill View of the Silver Flowe from Dungeon Hill
21 Above we can see what the Silver Flowe looks like from Dungeon Hill. You can see the Brishie Burn running out of the Long Loch of the Dungeon and running over to meet the Sauch Burn which you can see coming in from the left edge of the picture. The Cooran Lane starts beyond where they meet and runs down to just east of Loch Dee where it meets the Black Water of Dee coming out of Loch Dee.
I met up with Sandy again at the hillock to the left of the loch and we headed down to the second clearing in the trees before heading up onto the forest road again and off the Silver Flowe.
The second picture shows the view SW over Craignaw to Lamachan and over the Wolf Slock area to Loch Neldricken and Buchan Hill.
View over Craignaw to Buchan Hill and Lamachan from Dungeon Hill
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