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Silver Flowe and Dungeon Hill
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Bog cotton on the Silver Flowe Bog cotton on the Silver Flowe Bog cotton on the Silver Flowe

10 Another three just to celebrate being in the Silver Flowe. The white dots that you see among the grass in the first picture are heads of bog cotton.
The hill behind Sandy is Craiglee (click here to see the view back down to here from Craiglee) and the hill coming in from the right is the Point of Snibe.
The second picture shows Craiglee and Dungeon Hill. Our route will take us just to the left of the main top of Dungeon Hill as you see it here. From there we will head along the tail-like ridge that you can see behind and to the right of it.
In the third picture I have zoomed in on Dungeon Hill which offers good sport to rock climbers as does Craignaw. On page 12 you will see pictures of Dow Spout on Craignaw with a link to a climbing site that shows pictures of this being climbed as an ice climb. You can see the Dow Spout close to the left hand side of the picture immediately below. The Dow Spout is the outlet from the Dow Loch which is up on the top of Craignaw.

View of the route ahead across the Silver Flowe and on over Dungeon Hioll
View of rock faces on Dungeon Hill from the Silver Flowe
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