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Eschoncan, Bennan, Benyellary - returning by the Tourist Route from Merrick
Views of Culsharg bothy and it's surroundings.
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About to cross the forest track at Culsharg bothy. About to cross the forest track at Culsharg bothy. About to cross the forest track at Culsharg bothy.
20 As mentioned on page 06, near Culsharg we cross the same forest track that we crossed earlier between Eschoncan and Bennan. In the picture above you can see this forest track. You can also see Culsharg bothy in the middle of the picture as we emerge from a bit of the tourist route which still goes through pleasant woodland.
In the second picture we are down past Culsharg and looking back to both it and the lower slopes of Benyellary. It is by no means a good bothy - as you can see there are no wndows or doors in it - but some people do seem to use it and it would offer a bit of shelter on a day of really nasty weather.
The third picture offers a view that has only recently become available - since the trees were cut down. You can see that the track running into the picture towards Culsharg has had some work done on it fairly recently too. Now we are far enough away to see both Benyellary and the Merrick beyond the bothy.
Culsharg bothy from the east.
The tourist route track coming from Culsharg bothy with Benyellary and the Merrick beyond
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