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Eschoncan, Bennan, Benyellary - returning by the Tourist Route from Merrick
A hill walking route over Eschoncan, Bennan, and Benyellary to Merrick then returning to Loch Trool by the "tourist route" - the start of the route as seen from Eschoncan.
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Merrick Tourist Route Homepage
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View of Bruce's Stone, Loch Trool and Mulldonoch from Eschoncan View of Bruce's Stone, Loch Trool and Mulldonoch from Eschoncan View of Bruce's Stone, Loch Trool and Mulldonoch from Eschoncan
03 In the picture above we have started to climb Eschoncan and we are looking back (south) to the car park and the path over to Bruce's Stone where the pictures on page 02 were taken from.
In the second picture I have zoomed in so that you can see these details more easily. There is a red asterisk by the left side of the picture where the roads divide. The tourist route takes the left fork here up into the hills and the cycle route takes the right fork down to the loch and on all the way to Clatteringshaws. If you were heading to Merrick by either the lochs route (red on page 01) or the Buchan Ridge route (purple on page 01) you would go down the same way as the cyclists towards the loch. Notice the path through the grass past the pile of gravel and coming out of the picture near the bottom left corner - that is the way we have come to get up onto Eschoncan - the path is fairly obvious and easy to follow.
The third picture shows the information board that is situated at the red asterisk, giving details of the tourist route onto the Merrick. Merrick is the highest hill in the south of Scotland.
Where to park beside Bruce's Stone and how to start onto Eschoncan Fell
Information board abour the Merrick Climb
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