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Eschoncan, Bennan, Benyellary - returning by the Tourist Route from Merrick
Benyellary, the Merrick and Buchan Hill as seen from Eschoncan.
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Benyellary and the Merrick as seen from Eschoncan  Fell Benyellary and the Merrick as seen from Eschoncan  Fell A hill walking route over Eschoncan, Bennan, and Benyellary to Merrick - Page  04
04 As you climb Eschoncan you soon get views of Benyellary and the Merrick as you can see above. The hill coming from the right edge of the picture is Buchan Hill and you can see this hill more clearly in the picture below. These two pictures have enough overlap that I could have joined them together, right edge from the above picture to left edge of the lower picture. You can join them in your head.
The Buchan Burn runs down in the valley there and the tourist route heads into those trees on the left of the lower picture on it's way up to the Merrick.
Buchan Hill from Eschoncan
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