Rhinns of Kells from Fore Bush (2) - via Milldown, Millfire and Corserine
A circular hill walking route from Fore Bush onto the Rhinns of Kells in the Galloway Hills via Milldown, Millfire and Corserine
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Route sign for Loch Dungoen - we go straight ahead here Route sign for Loch Dungoen - we go straight ahead here Route sign for Loch Dungoen - we go straight ahead here
05 This is the next point where you have to decide which way you are going through the forest. As you can see they are at the moment building a new bridge here. In the meantime you will cross the wooden one and head straight on, rather than follow the route to Loch Dungeon unless you want to go down just for a look in the passing. I thought about doing that but by this time the weather had changed dramatically and I knew I would not get any pictures down there.
As you can see in the third picture the wind and rain were coming at me from the north and by this time I had all the waterproof gear on. That's Millfire in the mist and we are about to head up there. Since I had come back here specifically to get pictures of the Galloway hills from the Rhinns of Kells, you can well imagine that the success of such a project was in real doubt at this point in time. But I was happy to believe that the nasty weather could go as fast as it had come, and just get on with it regardless.
View of old wooden bridge and new concrete one being built
Millfire from the forest track
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