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Bodesbeck Law from near the top of Fauldside Hill Bodesbeck Law from near the top of Fauldside Hill Bodesbeck Law from near the top of Fauldside Hill

07 Once into the snow level as in the picture above the hard work began, having to lift each footstep out of some 20 cms or so of soft snow. That is Bodesbeck Law we are looking over to.
Swinging the camera to the left across the face of Bodesbeck in the second picture we can see the dark form of Carrifran Gans (757 metres) with Firthhope Rig (800 metres) and White Coomb (821 metres) beyond it. Raven Craig is the lower dark face on the left edge of the picture at the head of Carrifran Glen with Saddle Yoke in front of it.
The third picture shows the overall arrangement of this spectacular part of the Moffat Hills around the valleys of Blackhope and Carrifran Glen - which create a huge letter "E" with three ridges coming towards us and a continuous ridge forming the back of the "E".
We have above just looked at the hills on the right in this picture. To the left Hartfell (808 metres) lies at the back of the "E" (at the head of Blackhope Glen) with Swatte Fell (729 metres) on the ridge running down from it towards us by the left edge of the picture. Saddle Yoke of course stands in the middle arm between the two glens.
As mentioned earlier this "E" of hills in shallow perspective will be visible to us for most of the day.

Bodesbeck Law and Carrifran Gans from Fauldside Hill
The Moffat hills from near the top of Fauldside Hill
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