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View of Capplegill/Bodesbeck area from Fauldside Hill View of Capplegill/Bodesbeck area from Fauldside Hill View of Capplegill/Bodesbeck area from Fauldside Hill
04 In the picture above we are now above Bodesbeck farm looking back down towards it. You can see Blackshope cottage just left of centre in the distance. The white house in the foreground is not the farm - it is again hidden by the trees. However this picture shows the route we have come up from the farm - which is up the line of the dyke that you see running to the right of the white house.
There is a gate in the dyke down there and it is at that gate that the outward and return routes meet. It is worth staying nearer to the dyke as you climb towards Fauldside Hill rather that be tempted to cut across the hill as you ascend - this way you find the gates and there is an electric fence to cope with if you don't.
The picture below is shown out of chronological sequence but it shows you what to do on the track to Bodesbeck farm when you come to this junction of tracks shown in the picture. We are walking into the picture and we have the option of turning sharp left or going into the road facing you. Go sharp left - the other road takes you to the white house which we saw in the picture above and if you go up there you would just have to come back to this junction to get on the correct track - which as I say is sharp left and takes you along by the farm where you will have no difficulty finding your way.
Junction of tracks at Bodesbeck - turn left here.
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