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Lochcraig Head from Megget Stane
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Harfell and Games Hope Burn from Moll's Cleuck Dod. Harfell and Games Hope Burn from Moll's Cleuck Dod. View of Harfell and Games Hope Burn from Moll's Cleuck Dod.
25 Here you can see the squall beginning to roll east off the top of Harfell. The loch that you see is Gameshope Loch which is nearly 570 metres above sea level but is really just a big puddle in comparison with Loch Skene and Loch Skene itself (at 1 kilometer from end to end) is not that big as lochs go - it would fit into either the Talla or Megget reservoirs many times over for a start. That's the Games Hope Burn that you see running down towards us and the valley of that burn will be on our left as we make our way back towards Carlavin Hill and the Megget Stane. The Games Hope Burn has it's source up in a really "dubby bit" called Rotten Bottom and there is even a Games Castle up there, though this is no more than a natural feature.
These features are just about two and a half kilometers SW of Firthybrig Head along a ridge which includes a hill called Firthhope Rig. It is easy to confuse the two Firths one with the other just glancing at the map quickly. The green hill with the shallow cleugh in it that you see in the foreground of the above picture coming down from the left is Great Hill we will see this hill more fully on page 28 as the ridge we are now on heads further to the north west. The dark hill to the right of Hartfell is Whitehope Heights which you will cross if you head onto Hartfell from Annanhead (Devil's Beef Tub). The hill that you see here between Hartfell and Great Hill is called Cape Law.
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