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Lochcraig Head from Megget Stane
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View of the Megget dam and reservoir. View of the Megget dam and reservoir. View of the Megget dam and reservoir.
02 The Megget Stane lies on a single track unclassified road which runs between Tweedsmuir on the A701 Moffat to Edinburgh road and Cappercleuch on the A708 Moffat to Selkirk road.
When I went onto Broad Law from the Megget Stane on 9th July 2008 I came in from the Tweedsmuir side and I showed some pictures taken as I was passing it. On the 16th July I came in from the Cappercleuch side and I stopped in the passing to get these pictures of the dam on the Megget Reservoir.
In the picture above you are looking SW over the dam and up the length of the reservoir.
In the second picture we are looking down the face of the dam. If you notice the size of the white van down there you will get some idea of scale.
In the third picture we are looking across top of the dam and the fourth picture is a detail of the the outlet tower near the dam. It is interesting to compare this brutal concrete outlet tower on the Megget (opened 1983) with that on the Talla (opened 1899 when Victoria was still on the throne) - no comparison for style. Notice how choppy the water is.
View of the outlet from the Megget dam.
The dam at Megget reservoir.
Megget reservoir
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