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Carlavin Hill from the shore of the Talla reservoir. Carlavin Hill from the shore of the Talla reservoir. Carlavin Hill from the shore of the Talla reservoir.
03 Again I took these pictures as I was driving to the Megget Stane and they come slightly earlier in time than the one shown of the Talla on page 02. In the picture above we are looking east, again from the roadside, over the head of the Talla Reservoir. You can see the road climbing the face of the hill towards the Megget Stane. That hill is called Carlavin Hill and we will see it again from quite different angles in later pages (pages 05 and 27). This is not a good place to meet a car coming the other way: on the single track road and on such a steep hill. Fortunately drivers can see you coming down and will wait for you to get down, but meeting a vehicle coming the other way as you go up the hill is another story
The first picture below shows the west end (dam end) of the reservoir and in the second picture I have zoomed in to let you see the little early nineteen century tower in detail. They don't build basic utilitarian features with such style 100 years later. It seems to be making it's own wee imperial statement and tells a lot about the era in which it was built.
Talla reservoir
Talla reservoir
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