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Broad Law and Dollar Law
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View of the Megget Stane. View of the Megget Stane. View of the Megget Stane.
04 Here is the Megget Stane by the cattle grid in these two pictures. The link I have given for it takes you to a site that offers an extensive survey of Ancient Stones in the South of Scotland. Here is a brief quote from the page about the Megget Stane:
No specific folklore or other traditions have been found associated with this stone but it is likely that the spot would have been used as a meeting place or tryst, as are similar places throughout the Scottish Borders.
To start our walk we head up just to the right of the fence that you see in the picture above - where there is a reasonable path. You will have a fence close by you all the way from here to Dollar Law, so you shouldn't even get lost in mist.
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