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Where to park near the Megget Stane. Where to park near the Megget Stane. Where to park near the Megget Stane.
02 As I have said the road from Tweedsmuir to Cappercleuch is single track with passing places from time to time and you really should never park and leave a vehicle in a passing place - you would give hill walkers a bad name by doing that - it inconveniences other road users. There are several places around the Megget Stane where the verge is broad enough and hard enough to take a car, but I choose to use a very small quarry less than 100 metres east of the Megget Stane where there is enough room for two cars side by side (Ordnance Survey ref. NT153204). This small quarry is by a passing place as you can see in the picture above. The sign near the left side of the picture tells you that you are approaching the next passing place which is at the Megget Stane.
Below you can see a view back down to the Talla Reservoir from the roadside. I took this as I was driving up the road to get to the Megget Stane. As I said this road is well worth driving over even if you don't go hill walking. I have put some more picture of the Talla Reservoir on page 03. As you can see there wasn't much sun about for most of the day.
View of the Talla reservoir.
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