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Moffat Hills from Craig Head Moffat Hills from Craig Head Moffat Hills from Craig Head

27 As we begin our descent from Craig Head we look over to Carlavin Hill (left of centre) in the Moffat Hills. We saw this hill at the start of the day on page 05 as we looked down to the Megget Stane and across the watershed to the Moffat Hills. The dark ridge nearer to us and coming from the right is Wylies Hill. The more distant peak is Erie Hill which is on an interesting ridge that starts from Garelet Hill to the south of the Talla Reservoir and runs south to Garelet Dod in the heart of the Moffat Hills.
In the picture below I have zoomed in on the above picture and you can see Erie Hill much more clearly. But what I really want you to notice is the cairn on the crest of the hill near the right edge of the picture. You saw a view from that cairn looking over to here in the second picture on page 06 where I put a mouseover image to show you the part of the route we are now on. You can also see this cairn from the road on page 34 as we approach the car at the end of the day - second picture.

Erie Hill from Craig Head
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