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Cairnsmore of Carsphairn - Large Map of the Area
Sandy and I did this particular walk on 8th February 1999. It took us nearly seven hours. To get to the start of the route you take the A702 (Thornhill to Moniaive) to just west of the village of Penpont and then turn right up the Scaur Water, following it all the way to Polskeoch, where the road ends. Then you walk through the forest to Lorg, and follow the road down from there to Nether Holm of Dalquhairn before you start onto the hills. Normally we avoid forests and tarmac roads like the plague, but this was really a very pleasant start to a good day on the hill.

Windy Standard from Polskeoch map

We were very surprised to find fourteen crosses (the stages of the cross) at regular intervals as we ascended Dodd Hill. I would think very few people local people know of their existence.
The picture on the right shows the view up the valley of the Holm Burn as you arrive at Nether Holm of Dalquhairn. The hill across the top of the valley is where we are making for - Windy Standard. The Hill with the trees on the right of the picture is Mid Rig and the lower slopes of Dodd Hill can be seen on the left.
The pictures below show the crosses on Dodd Hill. Below right shows Sandy beside the final cross at the top of Dodd Hill and the route we had come through from Lorg and Polskeoch.
Holm Burn to Windy Standard

Stations of the Cross Dodd Hill 01

Stations of the Cross Dodd Hill 02

Benniner, Moorbrock and Cairnsmore of Casphairn
This is the view looking SW from the saddle between Dodd Hill and Mid Hill of Glenhead. The hill on the left with the thin line of snow on it is Benniner, Moorbrock is the big boy dominating the picture and Cairnsmore of Carsphairn can just be seen keeking round it's right shoulder.
Windy Standard & Alhang
The picture above was taken from Moorbrock (on a quite different day and different walk). It shows the route we took up to Windy Standard and then from Windy Standard up onto Alhang.
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