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A Coastal walk from Kippford to Rough Island, Castle Point and Rockcliffe.
Introduction to East Stewartry National Scenic Area - Map of walking routes in the area
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Where the coastal path brings you out on the main street in Rockcliffe village. Where the coastal path brings you out on the main street in Rockcliffe village. Where the coastal path brings you out on the main street in Rockcliffe village.

17 The picture above shows where the coastal path to and from Castle Point brings you out on the main road into Rockcliffe.
In the second picture I have gone slightly out of my way to show that there is a tearoom just next to where the coastal path brings you out - in case you should fancy a cup of tea and a piece of home baking at this stage of your walk. The Garden Room does not open on Mondays and Tuesdays however.
Just beside this tearoom is an extensive car park and you could well start from there in Rockcliffe rather than from where we started in Kippford and still do the route shown in this web gallery. Also, most visitors out for a casual walk will not do anything like as much walking as I have presented you with here and the possibilities for shorter strolls over any of the sections shown here are many.
The third picture shows the sandy beach in the centre of Rockcliffe. You can see that there is limited parking space here - it is also limited in the time you can park - one hour in the summer. Just where the road swings to the left near the right edge of the picture there is a road runs up a small hill to the right. This takes you to up past the entrance to Baron's Craig Hotel and on to the Rockcliffe end of the Jubilee Path that we saw directions for on the Kippford information board. There are public toilets beside the red cars in the car park and just beyond them is where we will find the shore path back to Kippford that we are about to take. There are plenty of waymarkers and information boards in that area to guide you, and you are faced with the choice of going either by the shore path or the Jubilee path from here; and offered the chance to visit Mote of Mark in the passing.
The fourth picture gives a view across the bows of the cars in the car park and up the road which leads to Jubilee Path and the Barony Castle Hotel.

The Garden Room Rockcliffe.
The beach in Rockcliffe village.
Where the road starts towards the Jubilee Path from Rockcliffe.
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