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Around Mulberry Harbour Remains Garlieston
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View of Wigtown from the bay at Innerwell Fishery View of Wigtown from the bay at Innerwell Fishery View of Wigtown from the bay at Innerwell Fishery

16 We sat on the shore near the house and had something to eat before heading back to Garlieston. The pictures on this page were all taken from where we had our "piece". I have used a bit of telephoto in the picture above to show Wigtown (Scotland's Book Town) which lies to the NW. They also make Scotland's most southerly malt whisky in Bladnoch just near Wigtown and you can visit the distillery in the village there. I have a fine 15 year old Bladnoch at near cask strength - 55% alcohol level (as opposed to the usual 40% for most distilled spirits) - which I like to share with friends who have a taste for the finer things in life. As you would expect it offers a unique experience in keeping with the subtle understated landscape it comes from, which is known as the Machars.
In the first picture below we are looking NE with Cairnharrow, Barholm Hill and Ben John from left to right - on the north side of Wigtown Bay. Notice Barholm Castle just right of centre. This castle dates back to at least 1566 when John Knox is said to have hidden there. In August 2002, Historic Scotland agreed to make a substantial grant contribution towards the restoration of the castle for residential use; this work began late in 2003 and is now essentially complete. You cannot miss this starkly white building up on the hill to your left as you drive east on the A75 from Stranraer towards Dumfries and Carlisle.
Close by this castle are the Cairnholy late neolithic chambered cairns. All around the lower slopes of Cairnharrow there are ancient cairns, standing stones, chambered cairns and "cup and ring" marked stones.
In the second picture below we are looking due north and that is Cairnsmore of Fleet in the distance where nine aircraft have come to grief over the years.
In the third picture we are looking NNW and that is the Minnigaff Hills you are looking at. Mouseover to see the name of the hills.

View across the bay towards Barholm Castle
View of Cairnsmore of Fleet from the bay at Innerwell Fishery
View of the Minnigaff hills from the bay at Innerwell Fishery
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