Queensberry, Penbreck and Earncraig from Mitchellslacks
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View of where the track goes down to Mitchellslacks View of where the track goes down to Mitchellslacks View of where the track goes down to Mitchellslacks
02 To get to Mitchellslacks you take the minor road for Ae Village off the A701 roughly 6 kilometers (just under 4 miles) north of the Dumfries town boundary. You go right on well past Ae village until you come to a sign indicating a right turn onto the single track road sign-posted for Mitchellslacks. If you get to Loch Ettrick you have just missed the juction. Ae is the place with the shortest name in Britain.
The picture above shows where I parked just where the track goes down to Mitchellslacks off the single track road. In the picture below I have zoomed in on the sign at the road end. You will see that there is a "CT" on the post above the sign. This stands for Covenanters Trail telling us that Mitchellslacks (with the neighbouring house of Locherben) was an important place in the history of the late 17th century Covenanting Movement.
If you park where the white car is parked above make sure that you pull well forward and leave plenty of room for tactors and trailers to negociate this tight turn. You can also go down the track towards Mitchellslacks and park off the road near the red asterisk in the bottom picture (OS ref NX966962). The farmer at Mitchellslacks has said this is okay as long as you don't impede him in any way.
Detail of the Covenanter Trail sign at Mitchellslacks
Parking nearer to Mitchellslacks
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