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Silver Flowe and Dungeon Hill
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View across the bottom end of the Silver Flowe View across the bottom end of the Silver Flowe View across the bottom end of the Silver Flowe
05 In the picture above we are again looking towards Curleywee, but now being further up the forest road we are getting Craiglee into the picture on the right. You can see that they have been felling plenty of trees around here and the problem for us is to find a way through all the ankle breaking stuff that has been left behind.
In the first picture below you can see Craignaw just left of centre. The valley going up into the Dungeon Hills Ridge just north of Craignaw is the Nick of the Dungeon with Dungeon Hill beyond the Nick. Our route will take us up the Nick of the Dungeon onto the summit of Dungeon Hill and then along the ridge to the north of Dungeon Hill.
In the second picture below you can see where we managed to find where there used to be a fire break. I am looking back up the fire break to where a Forestry Commission van is sitting parked just off the forest road and at right angles to it. Notice how the old fire break continues up past the van (and the forest road) onto the hill beyond and so is relatively easy to find.
We had a grand chat to the forest ranger who was in the van and we soon found that we had good friends in common over by where I used to stay in Durisdeer.
View of Craignaw, the Nick of the Dungeon and Dungeon Hill from the forest track
Where we got through the cut trees from the track and onto the Silver Flowe
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