Craignaw and the Dungeon Hills

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Large Map of the Galloway Hills
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View of Dow Loch on Craignaw View of Dow Loch on Craignaw View of Dow Loch on Craignaw

15 That's Dow Loch that you see down in the hollow and in the distance just right of centre you can see Clatteringshaws with Cairnsmore of Dee the dark top to the left of it. There was a time when people came from Newton Stewart to play curling on this loch and it was also said to have a legendary fish with anthropomorphic tendencies that went out of it's way to tease anglers.
In the picture below I have used a bit of zoom and the soft blue shape in the distance is Criffel on the Solway south of Dumfries. The hills that you see in the foreground rising to the left are Darrou and Little Millyea, part of the Rhinns of Kells, and the dark hill on the right is Cairnsmore of Dee (behind Darrou).

Little Millyea, Darrou, Criffel and Cairnsmore of Dee from Dow Loch on Craignaw
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