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The Dungeon Hills - Page Three
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Merrick from Craignairny, with Loch Enoch Looking south from  Craignairny
Craignairny (where this picture is taken from) is where the ridge running south/north from Craignaw towards Mullwharchar meets another ridge coming west/east across from Craigneldricken past the Wolf Slock and on to Dungeon Hill, from where it descends northwards in a fine narrow ridge to the Gala Lane. Looking south from Craignairny we look back towards the beginning of our route. You can see Loch Neldricken and then Loch Valley with the Rig of the Jarkness beyond and then the characteristic shape of the Minnigaff Hills beyond that with the distinctive bump of Curleywee on the left skyline.
Merrick and Kirriereoch from Mulwharchar Loch Enoch and the Minnigaff Hills from Mulwharchar
This is the view from the top of Mullwharchar looking over to the Merrick and Kirriereoch with the narrow ridge called the Little Spear that runs between them. The ridge that makes up the Dungeon hills is the middle ridge of three which run roughly, parallel to each other - the Awful Hand to the west of the Dungeons and the Rhinns of Kells (which you can see in the picture below) to the east. This picture is from the summit of Mullwarchar - looking south as in the picture above it. However we are now looking over Loch Enoch towards the Minnigaff Hills and the east/west ridge mentioned earlier prevents us seeing down to Loch Neldricken, though we can see Buchan Hill which is our route back to Glen Trool.
Looking north from Mulwharchar into Ayrshire
This is the view looking north from Mulwharchar up into Ayrshire with Loch Doon showing on the left and the north end of the Rhinns of Kells showing on the right. Corserine with the great shoulder of Meikle Craigtarson is nearest us then Carlin's Cairn beyond the dip.
Loch Enoch with Mulwharchar behind it. Heading homeward down the Buchan Ridge.
Examining the gritty sand of Loch Enoch (which was once used to sharpen tools) with Mulwharchar behind. Heading south again back down the Buchan Hill ridge in the early gloom of evening.
Looking east from Merrick over Loch Enoch to the Dungeons and the Rhinns of Kells beyond.
The picture above shows the view from Merrick down over many of the places mentioned in this walk

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