Rhinns of Kells from Fore Bush (2) - via Milldown, Millfire and Corserine
A circular hill walking route from Fore Bush onto the Rhinns of Kells in the Galloway Hills via Milldown, Millfire and Corserine
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Bridge over the Hawse Burn that we take Bridge over the Hawse Burn that we take Bridge over the Hawse Burn that we take
07 While still walking among the trees I was sheltered from the wind, although a few times the noise of the wind in the tree tops had made me think there was a vehicle coming up behind me. Out from that shelter it was no longer a wee smirr of rain - the strong wind was blowing it at me with a cold snap in it from the north - "gie dreich" as we would say in Scots.
In the picture above you can see the raindrops on the lens of the camera as I tried to get some quick pictures into the wind of this bridge over the Hawse Burn. Near the left edge of the picture I have put an asterisk where there is a stile over the deer fence. We will head for that when we are over the bridge, and from there we will start to head up directly onto Millfire which is at the left of the picture. It looks quite formidable as you face up to it and you might prefer to head slightly further north for an easier ascent without rock outcrops.
But as you can see in the two pictures below it is relatively easy to avoid the rock faces if you head to the left (south) across the face of the hill. These pictures look very similar but in fact the lower one was taken 10 minutes after the first. You just keep looking for the grassy bits where the feral goats have worn a path and I actually had no scrambling to do - which in this wet and windy weather I was not too unhappy about, but I am sure it would not be all that difficult.
Rough terrain near the top of Millfire
Route avoiding the rocks
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