Rhinns of Kells from Fore Bush - Corserine, Millfire, Milldown and Meikle Millyea
A circular hill walking route from Fore Bush onto the Rhinns of Kells in the Galloway Hills taking in Corserine, Millfire, Milldown and Meikle Millyea
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Which forest road to take? Which forest road to take? Which forest road to take?
23 Here we are at the turning point at the end of the forest road, and there is a choice of two forest tracks to take - one heading north east as in the picture above and the other heading just south of east as in the second picture. Which one to take? My pal Sandy always remembers this kind of detail but I don't. It was some seven years since I had last come down here with him and my dislike of forest tracks is such that I do my best to put them out of my mind, and today I had no Sandy to sort the problem out for me. Also you can see that there there has been fairly recent laying of hard core at this turning point so the road layout could be different anyway.
The bottom two pictures give you the means of deciding what I should have done. The picture on the left is from the map by the car park, the picture on the right is from the Ordnance Survey Landranger map - which I was using. I have put a red asterisk on both maps to show where we came over the stile. You can see that the two maps don't really quite correspond with each other in this crucial area where I had to make my decision. I am pretty sure there were not three forest tracks to choose from - as in the estate map - there are only two in the OS map.
I opted for the track heading north east as in the OS map, which seems reasonable doesn't it? In other words I headed into that road in the top picture. Then pretty soon my day's walk went mildly pear-shaped again.
Which forest road to take?
Estate map of the area showing forest tracks
Ordnance Survey map of same area shows different forest tracks
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