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Around St Mary's Loch
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Picture showing where to park on the A708 beside St Mary's Loch. Picture showing where to park on the A708 beside St Mary's Loch. Picture showing where to park on the A708 beside St Mary's Loch.
02 The picture above shows where we parked on the A708 (Ordnance Survey ref. NT263238). It would have been handier to park nearer Dryhope but this was not really possible. It took us only 10 minutes to walk from here to Dryhope though. I went down to the lochside to have a look along the loch from near the car and I found orchids like the one below by the shore which I take to be a Northern Marsh-Orchid. This was to be a day when we would see many interesting wild flowers and grasses. But it was also a day of walking through some interesting Scottish Borders history. As you go through this web galley you will find links to several of these historical connections.
Here is a link to the Sir Walter Scott connection with the area to start with. As well as writing novels which are steeped in the history of the Scottish Borders, Walter Scott also collected the folk tales of the area and published this as the Minstrelsy of the Scottish Borders These popular ballads of the area record it's violent past in the lawless frontier lands between two states who were often at war with each other (Scotland and England) and they are seen vividly through the eyes of those who lived through the events recorded in them. "Kinmont Willie", just as an example, will give you some flavour of the times, the sense of honour among thieves (if you like), the tight family ties and the legendary status of the heroes of the tales. The annual pageants held in many border towns to this day record their fiery and proud past. The presence of all this history is also written in the landscape as we will see.
Northern Marsh Orchid.
Northern Marsh Orchid.
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