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Around St Mary's Loch
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Signs at the road end for Dryhope farm. Signs at the road end for Dryhope farm. Signs at the road end for Dryhope farm.
03 The picture above shows the signs at the road end for Dryhope farm. If we were going back again we would head the extra 200 metres along the road to the Southern Upland Way and make our way to Dryhope Tower from there, which would save having to go through the farm. But as you can see in the picture below we did go through the farm on this occasion and that is the view of Dryhope Tower from the farm.
If you read through "Kinmont Willie" you would have found Dryhope mentioned - not the place, but the person who stayed there. Where there are many families of the same name in an area (as was the case in the Borders) the easy way to differentiate between them is to call the people by name of the place they stayed at.
View of Dryhope Tower from Dryhope farm.
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