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Culter Fell Round
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View of Gathersnow Hill from Coomb Head. View of Gathersnow Hill from Coomb Head. View of Gathersnow Hill from Coomb Head.
24 Here I am on Coomb Hill looking back towards Gathersnow which is at the right edge of the picture. This is as you can see an undulating ridge.
The second picture shows the view from here to the Manor Hills. Mouseover the picture to get their names. Cramalt is 831 mts high and Dollar Law is 817 mts. There are only 9 hills over 800 mts in the south of Scotland and here are three of them in a line. You can easily "bag" them in one day from the Megget Stane (OS Ref NT152203) especially since the Megget Stane is already 452 mts above sea level. As the crow flies it is 16 k from the Megget to Dollar Law and back. Here is a link to a site that gives more information about the Manor Hills and mentions a further hill over 800 mts called Fifescar Knowe but for me this is more like a pimple on the backside of Dollar Law. On the route from Meggat to Dollar Law you would hardly notice it was there but I suppose if you want to count it you could say you had "bagged" four hills over 800 mts in one day and the south of Scotland total would rise to 10, or possibly more if you should want to look for more such pimples stuck to the backsides of independent hills. You can actually see Fifescar Knowe just to the right of Dollar Law in the picture below.
The bottom picture again has the names of the hills waiting to pop up for you if you mouseover the picture. We are looking down the valley of the Kingledore Burn into the valley of the River Tweed from Coomb Hill.
Manor Hills from Coomb Hill.
View down the Lindore Burn into the valley of the Tweed from Coomb Hill.
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