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Culter Fell Round
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View of the Glenkirk area for parking. View of the Glenkirk area for parking. View of the Glenkirk area for parking.
02 This is where we parked (OS reference NT083297). The tarred road ends just beyond Glenkirk and there is a notice saying you have not to park beyond there. Beside the gate in the picture above there is a cattle grid in the road and beyond that as you can see in the picture below there is plenty of firm ground by the roadside to park on.
We had walked in these hills only once before some 8 years ago and so we were on unfamiliar ground. These hills are not hard-wired to our brains as the Galloway, Moffat and Lowther hills are - where we could instantly name all the hills and lochs around us as we go - we have seen them so many times.
You get here by taking a single track road off the A701 around 2kms south of Broughton (heading for Moffat). You will see signs for "Glenholm Wildlife Project" at the road end.
View of the Glenkirk area  for parking.
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